I started personal training sessions with Claire in January 2017.

I was looking to get fit and lose weight.

I knew I needed someone to motivate me as I'm not very good at going to the gym on my own.

I love my sessions with Claire. She is very relaxed and not intimidating at all.

Each session is different - something that I really like. I'd definitely get bored if it was the same thing every time.

Over the past year I've lost 1.5 stone, and the personal training was the motivation for me to look at my diet and make changes.
As Claire says 'you can't out train a bad diet'. This really stuck with me and inspired me to make positive changes.

I really enjoy sessions with Claire and look forward to them every week.


I started going to Claire’s classes in September 2016 when my twins started school, to help me get fitter and tone up. I was already running regularly but wanted to improve my overall fitness and strength which would hopefully help with my running.  I’d never been one to go to the gym or exercise classes, I was pretty nervous about my first class but need not have been as everyone was very friendly. I love the classes, they are great fun and friendly and I always feel like I’ve worked.
I’ve also had a few 1-2-1 sessions with Claire.  More recently I started working with Claire online as well as her classes, which is great as I can work out more often in my own home and around my family with no set times.
In February this year I completed the Wokingham Half Marathon and during the lead up Claire tailored my exercise program to help me prepare. I was so pleased when I finished and my time was 18 minutes quicker than my previous half marathon in 2016.
Claire is very knowledgeable, friendly and always happy to give advise/help if I need it.