My 12 week programme is designed to give you the tools you need to make realistic and sustainable changes to your body shape.


I provide you with home based workouts three times a week to do in your own time, nutritional advice with recipe ideas, habit building and unlimited support.
I want to empower you to
feel amazing and look fantastic. My 12 week online REtrain, REgain and REshape programme is designed to get you fitter,
healthier and happier. I am passionate about helping you to REtrain your body and mind; REgain your body confidence and REshape your lifestyle.




Claire's Testimonial

I use MyFitnessPal as recommended by Claire. I found it an eye opener with how many calories are in certain foods. I have now been able to increase my daily protein too as I was only eating 15-20% a day. I now eat more greek yoghurts, high protein yoghurts and eggs to get my protein to 40% a day.

I'm also drinking more water which is keeping me fuller for longer and I'm getting extra steps with my additional toilet breaks.

I have managed to lose inches based on tracking my food, drinking more water and working out 4 times a week.

REtrain, REgain and REshape Package